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IoT IEEE Projects 2020-2021, We are offering ieee projects 2017-2018 in latest technology like Java ieee projects, dotnet ieee projects, android ieee projects, embedded ieee projects, embedded diploma projects, matlab ieee projects, digital image processing ieee projects, digital communication projects, digital communication ieee projects, dip ieee projects, vlsi ieee projects, hadoop ieee projects, big data ieee projects, power electronics ieee projects,  power system ieee projects,embedded ieee projects, php ieee projects, android ieee projects, dotnet ieee projects, java ieee projects, data mining ieee projects, cloud mechanical final year projects, diploma mechanical projects, civil projects ieee projects. IEEE Master is a unit of LeMeniz Technologies. We guide all final year M.E/M.Tech, B.E/B.Tech, MPhil, MCA, BCA, M.Sc, B.Sc, and Diploma students for their Academic Projects to get best results.

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LTIOT01 Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in Smart Healthcare: A Case Study of Voice Pathology Detection IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT02 Towards Block chain for Suitable Efficiency and Data Integrity of IoT Ecosystem Transactions IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT03 Edge computing-based joint client selection and networking scheme for federated learning in vehicular IoT IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT04 Prediction of Re-Occurrences of Spoofed ACK Packets Sent to Deflate a Target Wireless Sensor Network Node by DDOS IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT05 iGCACS-IoD: An Improved Certificate-Enabled Generic Access Control Scheme for Internet of Drones Deployment IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT06 Continuous-Phase Modulation for DFT-Spread Localized OFDM IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT07 Cooperative Caching Scheme for Machine-to-Machine Information-Centric IoT Networks IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT08 Multi-Label Data Fusion to Support Agricultural Vulnerability Assessments IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT09 Link Resource Allocation Strategy Based on Age of Information and Sample Extrusion Awareness in Dynamic Channels IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT10 B5G-Enabled Distributed Artificial Intelligence on Edges for COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak Prediction IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT11 Pandemic Management for Diseases Similar to COVID-19 Using Deep Learning and 5G Communication IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT12 Optimization of IoT-Based Artificial Intelligence Assisted Telemedicine Health Analysis System IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT13 Towards Enhancing Spectrum Sensing: Signal Classification Using Autoencoders IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT14 Towards Enhancing Spectrum Sensing: Signal Classification Using Autoencoders IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT15 Intelligent Behaviour-Based Malware Detection System on Cloud Computing Environment IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT16 Incorporating Artificial Fish Swarm in Ensemble Classification Framework for Recurrence Prediction of Cervical Cancer IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT17 ML-LGBM: A Machine Learning Model Based on Light Gradient Boosting machine for the Detection of Version Number Attacks in RPL-Based Networks IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT18 Provable Privacy Preserving Authentication Solution for Internet of Things Environment IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT19 Optimized Energy – Efficient Path Planning Strategy in WSN with Multiple Mobile Sinks IOT 2021-2022
LTIOT20 Comparing Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Downlink Performance for Industrial IoT IOT 2021-2022


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