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Android IEEE Projects Title 2014-2015

1LM_A014_01MobiShare: Sharing context-dependent data & services from mobile sourcesCloud Computing2014
2LM_A014_02JVM Based Cloud computing using AndroidCloud Computing2014
3LM_A014_03 Human-centric Multimedia Mobile Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2014
4LM_A014_04Understanding Individual Human Mobility Patterns using android smartSurveillance2014
5LM_A014_05Android Based Research of Intelligent Home Security Surveillance System Based on GCMSurveillance2014
6LM_A014_06Design and implementation of Location Awareness and Sharing System Using Android Smart PhoneSurveillance2014
7LM_A014_07Android Based Location Privacy in Pervasive Computing using Android.Data Mining2014
8LM_A014_08 QR-code Based Content Access System in purchasing centreData Mining2014
9LM_A014_09 An Individual Mobile Commerce Shape Defense and Prediction using Android smart phone.Web Mining2014
10LM_A014_10Join Group-Social Networking Using android smart phoneWeb Mining2014
11LM_A014_11Online Shopping Product deportment in the Securities industry using Android smart phone.Web Mining2014
12LM_A014_12Sharp-Witted CAR PARKING subject matter and demolition alertReal Time Application Systems2014
13LM_A014_13The Usage of thoughtless screen using android smart phoneReal Time Application Systems2014
14LM_A014_14 Achieving efficient query privacy for location based services Using Android smart phoneWeb Services2014
15LM_A014_15 Using Android smart phone insight the familiar locationWeb Services2014
16LM_A014_16Hiding in the Mobile Crowd: Location Privacy through CollaborationSecure Computing2014
17LM_A014_17Supporting and Enforcing Security Profiles on SmartphonesSecure Computing2014
18LM_A014_18How Long to Wait? Predicting Bus Arrival Time With Mobile Phone Based Participatory SensingMobile Computing2014
19LM_A014_19Mobile Ticketing System for Automatic Fare Collection Model for Public TransportCommunication Network2014