IoT IEEE Projects Titles IoT IEEE Projects Titles 

An IEEE Master’s is a solid choice for tech enthusiasts. It delves deep into cutting-edge topics like artificial intelligence, wireless communication, and robotics. The program is all about hands-on experience, letting you apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with top-notch professionals, expanding your network in the tech realm. The curriculum is dynamic, keeping up with the ever-evolving tech landscape. From coding to advanced algorithms, it’s a tech geek’s paradise. Plus, you get to work on cool projects that can potentially shape the future. No BS, just straight-up tech excellence. If you’re all about pushing boundaries and want to level up your game, an IEEE Master’s is where it’s at.

IoT IEEE Projects Titles 2021-2022 | IoT Final year projects Titles 2021-2022

1Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in Smart Healthcare: A Case Study of Voice Pathology DetectionIoTIEEE2021-2022
2Towards Blockchain for Suitable Efficiency and Data Integrity of IoT Ecosystem TransactionsIoTIEEE2021-2022
3Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in Smart Healthcare: A Case Study of Voice Pathology DetectionIoTIEEE2021-2022
4Edge computing-based joint client selection and networking scheme for federated learning in vehicular IoTIoTIEEE2021-2022
5Prediction of Re-Occurrences of Spoofed ACK Packets Sent to Deflate a Target Wireless Sensor Network Node by DDOSIoTIEEE2021-2022
6iGCACS-IoD: An Improved Certificate-Enabled Generic Access Control Scheme for Internet of Drones DeploymentIoTIEEE2021-2022
7Continuous-Phase Modulation for DFT-Spread Localized OFDMIoTIEEE2021-2022
8Cooperative Caching Scheme for Machine-to-Machine Information-Centric IoT NetworksIoTIEEE2021-2022
9Multi-Label Data Fusion to Support Agricultural Vulnerability AssessmentsIoTIEEE2021-2022
10Link Resource Allocation Strategy Based on Age of Information and Sample Extrusion Awareness in Dynamic ChannelsIoTIEEE2021-2022
11B5G-Enabled Distributed Artificial Intelligence on Edges for COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak PredictionIoTIEEE2021-2022
12Pandemic Management for Diseases Similar to COVID-19 Using Deep Learning and 5G CommunicationsIoTIEEE2021-2022
13Pandemic Management for Diseases Similar to COVID-19 Using Deep Learning and 5G CommunicationsIoTIEEE2021-2022
14Optimization of IoT-Based Artificial Intelligence Assisted Telemedicine Health Analysis SystemIoTIEEE2021-2022
15Towards Enhancing Spectrum Sensing: Signal Classification Using AutoencodersIoTIEEE2021-2022
16Intelligent Behavior-Based Malware Detection System on Cloud Computing EnvironmentIoTIEEE2021-2022
17Incorporating Artificial Fish Swarm in Ensemble Classification Framework for Recurrence Prediction of Cervical CancerIoTIEEE2021-2022
18ML-LGBM: A Machine Learning Model Based on Light Gradient Boosting Machine for the Detection of Version Number Attacks in RPL-Based NetworksIoTIEEE2021-2022
19Provable Privacy Preserving Authentication Solution for Internet of Things EnvironmentIoTIEEE2021-2022
20Optimized Energy Ð Efficient Path Planning Strategy in WSN With Multiple Mobile SinksIoTIEEE2021-2022
21Comparing Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Downlink Performance for Industrial IoTIoTIEEE2021-2022
22ICT Enabled TVET Education: A Systematic Literature ReviewIoTIEEE2021-2022
23On Performance of PBFT Blockchain Consensus Algorithm for IoT-Applications With Constrained DevicesIoTIEEE2021-2022
24Improvement of ?-Ga2O3 MIS-SBD Interface Using Al-Reacted Interfacial LayerIoTIEEE2021-2022
25A Lightweight PUF-Based Authentication Protocol Using Secret Pattern Recognition for Constrained IoT DevicesIoTIEEE2021-2022
26Novel Differential r-Vectors for Localization in IoT NetworksIoTIEEE2021-2022
27Towards Secured Online Monitoring for Digitalized GIS Against Cyber-Attacks Based on IoT and Machine LearningIoTIEEE2021-2022
28Chipless RFID Multisensor for Temperature Sensing and Crack Monitoring in an IoT EnvironmentIoTIEEE2021-2022
29Electric Model for Electromagnetic Wave FieldsIoTIEEE2021-2022
30Node ranking strategy in virtual network embedding: An overviewIoTIEEE2021-2022
31Node ranking strategy in virtual network embedding: An overviewIoTIEEE2021-2022
32Toward a Wearable Crowdsource System to Monitor Respiratory Symptoms for Pandemic Early WarningIoTIEEE2021-2022
33SSII: Secured and High-Quality Steganography Using Intelligent Hybrid Optimization Algorithms for IoTIoTIEEE2021-2022
34Dielectric Relaxational Phenomena in Interacting Composite StructuresIoTIEEE2021-2022
35MABAN: Multi-Agent Boundary-Aware Network for Natural Language Moment RetrievalIoTIEEE2021-2022
36Bluetooth Signal Attenuation Analysis in Human Body Tissue AnaloguesIoTIEEE2021-2022
37Capacity-Driven Autoencoders for CommunicationsIoTIEEE2021-2022
38Anti-balance Load Control System Applied to an Overhead Crane Prototype Activated by Voice CommandsIoTIEEE2021-2022
39Modelling of Transmission Lines Inside Modern Integrated Semiconductor and Test BoardsIoTIEEE2021-2022
40Ultrathin Three-Axis FBG Wrist Force Sensor for Collaborative RobotsIoTIEEE2021-2022

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