An IEEE Master’s is a solid choice for tech enthusiasts. It delves deep into cutting-edge topics like artificial intelligence, wireless communication, and robotics. The program is all about hands-on experience, letting you apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with top-notch professionals, expanding your network in the tech realm. The curriculum is dynamic, keeping up with the ever-evolving tech landscape. From coding to advanced algorithms, it’s a tech geek’s paradise. Plus, you get to work on cool projects that can potentially shape the future. No BS, just straight-up tech excellence. If you’re all about pushing boundaries and want to level up your game, an IEEE Master’s is where it’s at.


A blockchain architecture for trusted sub-ledger operations and financial audit using decentralized microservicesPDF/DOC
A Blockchain Footprint for Authentication of IoT-Enabled Smart Devices in Smart Cities State-of-the-art, Advancement, Challenges and Future Research DirectionsPDF/DOC
A Blockchain-Based Solution for Mitigating Overproduction and Underconsumption of Medical SuppliesPDF/DOC
A Coexistence Analysis of Blockchain, SCADA Systems, and OpenADR for Energy Services ProvisionPDF/DOC
A derivative PBFT blockchain consensus algorithm with dual primary nodes based on separation of powers-DPNPBFTPDF/DOC
A Gap Between Blockchain and General Data Protection Regulation A Systematic ReviewPDF/DOC
A Novel Blockchain Based Secured and QoS Aware IoT Vehicular Network in Edge Cloud ComputingPDF/DOC
A Patient-Centric Healthcare Framework Reference Architecture for Better Semantic Interoperability based on Blockchain, Cloud, and IoTPDF/DOC
A Secure Batch Authentication Scheme for Multiaccess Edge Computing in 5G-Enabled Intelligent Transportation SystemPDF/DOC
A System for The Promotion of Traceability and Ownership of Health Data Using BlockchainPDF/DOC
Adoption of Federated Learning for Healthcare Informatics Emerging Applications and Future DirectionsPDF/DOC
An Ultra-Scalable Blockchain Platform for Universal Asset Tokenization Design and ImplementationPDF/DOC
Analysis of Spectrum Sensing and Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Networks with Heterogeneous Traffic and p-Retry BufferingPDF/DOC
Analysis of the Features and Structure Behind Availability in Blockchain Using AltcoinPDF/DOC
BCsRNG: A Secure Random Number Generator based on BlockchainPDF/DOC
Black-Box for Blockchain Parameters AdjustmentPDF/DOC
Block Search Stochastic Simulation Algorithm (BlSSSA) A Fast Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for Modeling Large Biochemical NetworksPDF/DOC
Blockchain and AI-empowered Healthcare Insurance Fraud Detection An Analysis, Architecture, and Future ProspectsPDF/DOC
Blockchain and NFTs for Time-bound Access and Monetization of Private DataPDF/DOC
Blockchain in Education A Systematic Review and Practical Case StudiesPDF/DOC